Wednesday, April 4, 2018

What is the widest font

Recently I was asked, What is the widest font available in Word?

Font choice has little to do with Word.

Microsoft Word is at its core a word processing application. It can display your text files using any fonts or typeface family installed on your computer.

The selection of typefaces you see when using Microsoft Word exist as part of your computers operating system. The typefaces that have been loaded or installed onto your computer. Some of the typeface choices you see came with the operating system, others as part of Microsoft Office or other installed applications. You may have purchased a single font or a whole typeface family and installed it as well.

Some of Special classification fonts I appreciate working with. These are sub categorized under Special Classification as Fat Face fonts and have long alphabet lengths;

In the examples above the names are set at 18 pt. The upper and lower character samples vary in size set at 18 pt or less. These are used typically as display fonts, very rarely for blocks of text.
Some links to font resources follow;

If you need a additional consultation on fonts I can provide that for a reasonable creative services fee.

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