Saturday, August 10, 2019

Lots, some are remade and some new ones are released all the time.
Several large established type foundries and typeface retailers are active as well as small and mid size typeface creators.
On the website alone they have 21,343 typeface families. Many text typeface families have four fonts, some even more font weights or styles. Take for example Sabon, a transitional serif typeface that comes with four styles in the family; Sabon RomanSabon ItalicSabon Bold, and Sabon Bold Italic. Then you have typefaces such as Neue Helvetica that has 109 font styles.
For simplicity let us calculate approximate number based on four styles per family starting with the 21,343 typeface families, so that is 85,372 fonts, that is estimated number of typefaces just on
This plethora of typefaces that are organized into classifications; Sans, Serif, Script, Display Symbol, Monospaced is frequently overwhelming to the average person. For a graphic designer trained in visual communications these typefaces are tools used in creating the many logos, stationery, cards, advertising, websites, motion graphics, cd•dvd•album covers, exhibits, brochures, magazines, newspapers, books, packaging, posters, internet icons, signs, you see everyday.
This specialized knowledge of typefaces and typography, the how, when, and where to use and apply them in creating a visual communication piece is one part of the specialized expertise provided when you work with a professional graphic designer such as myself.
Lots of typefaces exist in the world, hire a graphic designer that will choose one that will convey your business message in it own unique and appropriate way.

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