Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Web Has Changed (is changing) However The Web Design Process Still Holds True.

The Web Has Changed (is changing) However The Web Design Process Still Holds True.
By: Theodore Baker
Last couple of years the web site buzz was the “Box Model” coded with HTML 5 styled with CSS, at the same time you were surrounded with social media, today is the “Responsive Design Philosophy” or mobil design. We see “FREE” 5-minute web design templates ads pop up everywhere, and every business web guru is telling you it is just a matter of having good content. 
Like any visual communication a web site to be successful takes elaborate planning and conceptualization. The first steps in web design project are the most challenging phases. Defining a web sites main purpose, what message to convey and how this message will be conveyed is hard time consuming work. The best web sites the ones you find to be useful all went through a Web Design Process. These best sites have a common feature; sharp and focused communication. This is not a new idea it is 101 business and marketing, and it is a hard thing to accomplish in any medium.
A Web Design will use six phases in the web site design process. These phases are:
• Discovery
• Definition, Information Architecture and Usability
• Creative Design
• Development
• Deployment
• Documentation
The heading points may have slight difference between designers and developers, however the design process has been around for ever and it works across all media.
A relevant web site design will not happen in five minutes.
Great design is accomplished with superlative collaborative work. The web design process takes a lot of hard work. Yes your paying a lot for web design team but your going to have to work too, and hard. You're going to invest a great deal of time to enable the web design team to do their part of the work.
Template design and point and click site building tools are just like paying for SEO services. In the long run it is not going to be sustainable and work well for your business web site.

In just a few clicks… , You just add content… It’s not that these template site services are bad, the design are solid the coding proven (well mostly). The problem is you are short and skinny and your buying off the rack at the big and tall. When you use these services you cut the corners of the web design process. So even though you picked the design from the proper business category, the solution the template provides is not going to result in a web site design that gives you sharp and focused communication about your unique business. To create good content you have to go through all of the web site design phases, it‘s a process.

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