Thursday, February 15, 2018

What are the best fonts for wedding programs?

What are the best fonts for wedding programs?

This choice depends and is contingent on the many factors of the wedding program project as a part of the entire occasion. Some factors include; who are the people being married and what they want their wedding occasion to be.
Questions about wedding theme, social position, size, formality, budget, is their a need for a cohesive look, all these answers and more will influence type choice, paper choice, print method, binding, folding, finishing. These choices all need to work together as well.

One of the many reasons you work with a professional graphic designer is that this is where the typographic, material, printing knowledge and design esthetic you seek resides. A graphic design professional will guide you and expertly design and produce; invitations, save the dates, ceremony programs & reception programs, shower & party cards, matching envelopes, even wedding websites.

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