Saturday, November 2, 2019

Which font should I use that will match my logo?

“Which font should I use that will match my logo?”
This is a question answered by the graphic design professional in the graphic design process and methodology work flow used when working the problem of creating a logo and identity for a clients' business.
Designing a company or product logo and designing how the logo works and interacts with other graphic elements is part of the value created by working with a professional graphic designer.
A logo and then associated identity guidelines can be set up as part of the logo and identity system that supports the logo and its use in advertising, marketing communications and general customer communications for a company. Choice of typography, or which fonts to use is part of business identity. This graphic design thinking and planning is what becomes identity and brand strategy that establishes the base and results in cohesive communications for the business .
This is one of the services offered when you work with a professional graphic designer to create a logo and its visual systems such as: business cards, letterheads, envelopes, emails, newsletters, presentations, web sites…
Logo and associated identity guidelines are of value in the time saving start of every business communication conducted. The business colors, the tone of writing, the photo visuals, how design elements relate in 2d space, the paper for stationery or other printed marketing communications has all been strategically determined, prepared and so that new projects have many hurdles cleared.
What does your logo look like? What logo category is it in? Many questions and discussions about your business position, business target audience, business competitors activities are some of the information needed and used to answer, to design and guide you with answering “Which font should I use that will match my logo?” 
Just one benefit of a business relationship when working with graphic design professionals at Ted Baker Design.

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