Sunday, March 20, 2016

Are the PEG prices good? (Can I charge 10,000 for an illustration?)

PEG- The Graphic Artists Guild Handbook Pricing and Ethical Guidelines. 
Know as PEG is applicable to the design school graduate on through the experienced professional. It does require some graphic design, illustration and business savvy learning to be able to utilize, take and build upon this resource. In the creative services industry today the independent artist is pressed by the same exploitive forces of the past but in the guise of many new business models.

10k illustration, learn that it is your time and expertise to create art that a client pays you for and this is only one value in this business relationship. What benefit or value will your illustration provide to that client over it’s years of use and what and when do your collect on that value. And what value or compensation did you receive with the rights you granted client via license to use your illustration in a specified manor. 

Understanding, explanation of these rights and practices are portrayed  in the PEG.

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