Sunday, March 20, 2016

What fonts are in style today?

This question came across my email the other day:
What fonts are in style today?

You don’t choose a font because it is in style. 
A font is a tool and you want the right tool for the job.

All fonts already have a great deal of artistry built into them. Many fonts have been around for decades and because they were well designed, when these decades old fonts (Garamond, Caledonia, Bodoni, Helvetica, Stymie) are specified appropriately even today they can make for quality visual communication.

All fonts have different ways of saying the content. Their is the fact, the meaning of what your saying, the information, and then also the how your conveying the information, the font selection does this. Different fonts each have a unique visual inflection and meaning.

So much great type exists, used appropriately you can visually express virtually anything.


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