Wednesday, January 18, 2017

How do you design a logo to create a distinct brand identity

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How do you (design a logo to) create a distinct brand identity?

Brand is peoples perception.

The best way I know is you work with an experienced graphic designer on your identity program, and on your logo which is a part of your company identity program. Brand encompasses these (logo and identity) and so much more. A brand takes a long time, plus hard-work, customers, service, experience, organization. Through collaboration of all the aforementioned and many other people and activities too, a brand might arise.

Ford, Apple Computer, Dania, Kodak, Porsche, Oil of Olay, Lloyd’s of London
All brand names, each has a essence:
american car, inventive technology, modular furniture, family memories, performance car, younger skin, historic insurance.
These are corporate examples and all these complex brands were more then a decade in the brand making.

A part of any brand making takes people like me a graphic designer. I also work on a brand identity with: strategists, marketing directors, creative directors, researchers, advertising planners, web designers/developers, public relations specialists, copywriters. Sometimes the CEO’s sisters cousins dog becomes part of the mix.

Understanding the how of brand, and brand identity or the outward expression of a brand, including its name, trademark, communications and visual appearance requires you doing your due diligence.
Start by reading at least this:
After reading and study, then with a check in hand for 30 minutes of logo/identity/brand consultation time, please contact a professional graphic designer and arrange for your consultation on brand identity.

Brand is peoples perception. Those that buy it, that sell it, that work on it, around it, and in it too.

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