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What are some fonts like Myriad Pro?

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What are some fonts like Myriad Pro?

Myriad Typeface Family
Many san-serif fonts exist, and that is a broad category for Myriad Pro. It can be further classified as humanist sans-serif. It is a recent font and has its roots as mentioned in Friutiger. Gill Sans is another san-serif font influence, same can be said of Helvetica, Optima, all fonts that were in use and existence before Myriad first release in the 1990’s as a Adobe multiple master font, Myriad MM.
Some other similar fonts Segoe UI and Microsoft humanist sans-serif typeface Corbel.
Myriad Pro works as a printed font and works well as legible screen font. Segoe UI, Corbel also are considered legible screen fonts, in that category you could include some other fonts (commissioned by Microsoft or used in office) humanist san-serif;

  • Calibri
  • Candara
  • Tahoma
  • Trebuchet MS
  • Verdana

Another humanist sans-serif legible screen font worth mention is Lucida Grande, this was a Mac OS interface font until couple years ago.
After you check out the listed humanist sans-serif typeface might look into the fonts;
  • Univers (also a Adrian Frutiger design like Friutiger), 
  • San Francisco, 
  • Helvetica, 
  • Folio 

These are all classified neo-grotesque san-serif. 
San Francisco a very recent design too (original 1984 released again 2014 as system typeface), the others all released before Myriad Pro.

Fonts like Myriad Pro are first of the many other humanist sans-serif fonts that work as legible screen fonts, and second those humanist and neo-grotesque san-serif fonts that laid the foundations for it as print fonts.

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