Tuesday, January 31, 2017

MS Word questions asked that are not about MS Word #3

A great many question get asked relating to but are not always directly about MS Word.

1. “What is the best cursive font in Microsoft Word?”
2. “What style of font is the smallest in Microsoft Word?”
3. “Is there a calligraphy font for Microsoft Word?”

These are three recent great questions. This post will be about the third question.

Question 3. Is there a calligraphy font for Microsoft Word?

The answer could be

Microsoft Word is at its core a word processing application. It can display your text files using any typeface installed on your computer.
This includes typefaces in the Script, Text, or Special classifications. Within these typeface classifications some fonts can be set to appear as the scribe‘s meticulous handwriting with pen and ink to form “calligraphy”.

The selection of typefaces you see when using Microsoft Word exist as part of your computers operating system. That is to say these are typefaces that have been loaded or installed onto your computer. 

Some of the typeface choices you see came with the operating system, others as part of Microsoft office or other installed applications. You may have purchased a single font or a whole typeface family and installed it as well.

Some links to font resources

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